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about Dagmar Wankowski


The center of her living and artistic work is near Berlin.

Since her early childhood she lived in the middle of nature. All this inspired her to paint and to work with wood and natural materials. 

She worked as an cutter in the movie business for over 20 years. 

In 2001 she began to work intensively as an artist. Dagmar still paints based on the model of nature. With oil and acrylic paints, she begins an intensive study of painting. 

Her works are both concretely naturalistic and abstract. The colors bold and challenging.

In 2011 she went public for the first time with a large solo exhibition on the 'Berliner Liste'. The response to Dagmar's autodidactic works was very positive. Her works have already been sold to private individuals and hoteliers in Germany, France, Italy, Norway, Hong Kong and the United States.


Agora Gallery 


Unbound Perspectives

November 22 - December 13, 2013

Press Release

Dagmar Wankowski's lithe acrylic paintings reach out to touch the timeless — to make the viewer, in the painter’s own words, “forget the everyday issues that distract from the beauty of surrounding nature.” Wankowski creates intelligent, intricate abstract work in which paint blossoms and pools like water, deep and strong one instant and barely-there the next. Her compositions seem to grow organically, without a single center or direction but with one color building upon another. And it is with her colors that the artist creates a specific, grounded evocation of nature. A painting inspired by a summer garden uses only the colors found therein: dancing pinks and oranges, the bright yellow of dusty pollen, and the cerulean of a sunny sky. Similarly, a work inspired by the night sky is a vast stretch of blues and violets. Though forms never appear outright in her work, Wankowski conjures time, place, and atmosphere with great assuredness.

Dagmar Wankowski was born in Berlin, the city in and around which she continues to work. She is also an accomplished painter in oils and watercolor.

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